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Frequently Asked Questions

About Platinum


What is the difference between Platinum, White Gold & Silver?

Platinum, White Gold & Silver are 3 different metals.

  • Platinum is the rarest & the most precious of the 3. Platinum (Pt 950) is currently around 50% more expensive than Gold. It is naturally white & resistant to tarnish. At Suranas JeweloveTM we use Pt 950 authorized by the Platinum Guild International (PGI).
  • White Gold is an alloy of Gold, White in color, it has all the properties of Gold because inherently it is Gold. We have a good collection of diamond jewelry made in White Gold.
  • Silver is the cheapest of the 3 metals. Currently Silver is around 2.5% the price of Gold & just 1.67% the price of Platinum. At Suranas JeweloveTM we make jewelry in silver only on order.

Key Differences :

  1. They are different metals.
  2. Platinum is about 40% denser than white gold, much more stronger and heavier.
  3. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold.
  4. Platinum does not lose metal when scratched, the metal is only displaced. Effectively your net platinum weight will not change over time, due to scratching.
  5. White Gold is an alloy of gold with nickel & silver & it will lose its white look over time to give you a yellowish white creamy color look. Actually, white gold is never pure white, it is creamy in color, it looks sparkling white due to the rhodium plating on new jewelry.
  6. Some customers are allergic to Nickel and hence allergic to white gold. We recommend Platinum as the preferred white metal for customers who are allergic to white gold.
  7. We craft platinum jewelry in Pt 950 only, i.e. 95% Platinum which is a much higher purity than even 22K Gold, which is 91.6% pure. White gold is an alloy of gold with gold purity of 75% or less (18K White Gold has 75% purity, 14K White Gold has 58.5% purity and 9K White Gold has 37.5% purity.)

Next important thing to know is, How do you identify that your band is made in Platinum?

What makes platinum special? A comparison of platinum & white gold key differences

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a noble metal, like Gold & Silver. It is used in jewelry-making at Suranas Jewelove.


How do I know my wedding band is made in Platinum?

At Suranas Jewelove, Platinum Jewelry is hallmarked as Pt 950, according to the guidelines set by the Platinum Guild International (PGI) & comes with a Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International.

Look for the Pt 950 hallmark as shown in the picture below.


Since when has Platinum been used in jewelry?

Jewelry pieces containing Platinum have been found to be dated as early as 1200 B.C., i.e. over 3 millenia ago. The Egyptian civilization & pre-Incan civilization used Platinum for their highest ranked priests, kings & nobles.

  • The great Egyptian priestess Shepenupet is buried in a magnificent Sacrophagus decorated with Gold & Platinum hieroglyphics.
  • A small document casket made of Platinum is also placed in her tomb.
  • King Louis of France,
  • Kings of Spain,
  • Kings of England
  • Tsars of Russia have over time made not just crowns, swords & chalices of Platinum, but even whole rooms decorated with Platinum as an extravagant symbol of their luxury.
  • Even the Maharaja of Patiala was a great connoiseur of Platinum.
  • Later, in the 1930's Platinum became the preferred choice of Hollywood actresses, to the extent that a movie was made on the theme, Platinum Blonde.
  • At the coronation of George VI, his wife Queen Elizabeth (Late Queen Mother of England) was crowned with an elegant crown made of Platinum & studded with the famous Koh-i-noor diamond.
  • Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor even declared jewelry made of Platinum as the one & only choice for evening wear.
  • Later, in the year 1967, when Elvis & Priscilla Ann Beaulieu married they exchanged Platinum wedding bands & since then, Platinum has never looked back.

Celebrate your special occassion with Platinum Love Bands by Suranas Jewelove.


Are my diamonds & rubies secure in Platinum?

Yes, Platinum is strong & resistant to wear damage. These properties ensure that the gems set in Platinum are secure. At Suranas JeweloveTM we recommend Platinum as the preferred choice of metal for expensive gems, including 1 carat+ Rubies & diamond solitaires.


Which celebrities don Platinum?

Thre is long list of celebrities & royalties who wear Platinum & have expressed their Love with Patinum.

  • Tom Cruise proposed Katie Holmes with a Platinum ring
  • Elvis Presley
  • Kate Middleton
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kristen Bell
  • Helen Mirren
  • Her Majesty, the Queen of England
  • Sir Elton John
  • David Furnish
  • Beyonce
  • Eva Longoria
  • Russell Crowe
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Kate Hudson

This is but a few of the many celebrities around the world who love Platinum, do you?


Pt 950 : What is it?

Pt 950 is the mark of Platinum. It means that the Platinum Purity in the jewelry is 95%. At Suranas Jewelove, all platinum jewelry is made in Platinum 950 .And, every piece is marked with Pt 950 & accompanied by a certificate of authenticity verifying the same.